Welcome to the Jobseeker's World

سْــــــــــــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِي

Hallo december, its been a while.. such a long long story  that I really want to tell you, world. Times kill my fingers!

Many new experiences, many problems come, a lot of effort I do .. But live must go on, right? :)
Ok, badnews that I'm still being jobseeker, but no problem because I believe that people already have their own way for their own life, especially in work. Keep spirit, keep fighting! Bismillah.. don't despair big gilr!

Anyway, finding the "dream" work is like entering a new world where we have to adjust, such as adventure. woooilaaaahh..

Many stories of the experiences of job interviews that I've run it. There are ups and down. For example, when I came to the interview of PT Outsourching (no, i never want to apply in PT Outsourching again, NEVER). I saw the job on the site of Jobstreet, in the job explain that their PT Outsourching finding for fresh graduate for Back Office posisition, and you know, when I came for interview with user, the user (one of HRD from famous bank in Indonesia) tell me that the job is as an IT call center. Unbelieaveble. I have bachelor degree with a mayor of public administration or sometimes called state administration field, should work in IT field. -,- and how about the salary? I do not want to discuss it. you'd know what I mean. So guys, be carefull if you have applly for a job, make sure it's not a outsourching company.

other than through the jobstreet.com, now I often attend jobfair. Yesterday, I came to the PNJ Job fair and Banker Career Expo. and I really hope to be able interview call from a company that I input. doakan ya doakan yaaaa :D :D aamiin

So, maybe I would rarely write. But I'll try when there is time.

Wish me luck guys!

Assalamualaikum :)